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gratuity included 

wellness massage

Whether you just want to relax or you have areas of concern, this massage is for you.  A customized massage design by you to achieve your goals. Using varied techniques such as myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, silicone cupping, and stretching, this massage is meant to restore balance to the body.  Relax tension, release toxins, soften connective tissue, increase flexibility, and promote circulation and restful sleep.  Heated stones,  warm towel foot wraps, and heated back pad are also a part of this amazing massage.  

Starting at $55

sacred stone massage

Hot Stone massage is a unique connection we experience with nature, offering a sense of sacredness we too often forget. From deep within the ocean these rocks of varying sizes and textures are gathered then heated.  Using long fluid strokes and warm herbal oil to deeply relax the muscles and the mind.  Add to aromatherapy or crystal healing to enhance your experience.  

Starting at $70

baby bump massage

A beautifully relaxing prenatal massage designed for mama to be to help cope with the many  changes that occur during pregnancy.  Reduce swelling, ease lower back and hip discomfort, relieve aching feet, and improve sleep.  This massage starts face up using an elevated cushion and then moves into a side lying position using bolsters and pillows to create a comfortable and amazing experience.  

Starting at $55
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